What is Supportive Living? 


Supportive Living provides a cost-effective, affordable, residential living and support services for adults 65 and older who are in need of assistance. Administered through the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, the Supportive Living program combines apartment-style living with personal care and other services that are covered by the state’s Medicaid program. Thanks to this unique state program, Supportive Living residents can live affordably and independently in an environment where personal choice, dignity, privacy and individuality are emphasized. 


Supportive Living vs. Assisted Living 

Supportive Living and assisted living offer similar services, however, assisted living communities tend to be more costly, and they do not accept payment from Medicaid. Furthermore, when assisted living residents are no longer able to pay privately, they must leave. On the other hand, at Supportive Living Communities such as New City, services are provided at a reduced or subsidized cost.  

  • Supportive Living is an alternative to Assisted Living 

  • Supportive Living is “Affordable” Assisted Living 

  • Supportive living accepts Medicaid 


Supportive Living vs. Nursing Home 

Supportive Living is designed for those people who don’t require 24-hour nursing card delivered in nursing homes. New City Supportive Living residents receives the assistance they need in an environment that strongly promotes independence and personal control. Supportive Living offers each person their own private apartment, rather than a shared room typically found in nursing homes. Social distancing is a key factor to reducing the spread of COVID-19.  There are less opportunities for social distancing in a nursing home as you may need to share a room with one or several individuals. As a resident at New City Supportive Living, you will enjoy an independent lifestyle in a private apartment as opposed to sharing a room with strangers in a nursing home.   

  • Supportive Living is an alternative to a Nursing Home when the resident does not require 24-hour care 

  • Supportive Living offers apartment style living, not private or semi-private rooms 

  • Supportive Living provides residents with a more independent and self-sufficient lifestyle than a nursing home 


What’s included in Supportive Living? 

For the convenience of every resident we offer support services such as three restaurant-style meals per day, housekeeping, and laundry which are all included in the monthly fee. Our certified nursing assistants are also on-duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide assistance with medications and the activities of daily life. Residents can enjoy peace of mind knowing help is never far away. Residents can benefit from a myriad of opportunities for companionship. Every day we offer on-site social, recreational, and educational activities, as well as organized group excursions.